Frequently Asked Questions

- How long before the wedding do we have to contact you?

Usually I start to take reservations about 8 - 10 months in advance,
If you are interested please contact me as soon as possible.

- How do I book?

For any kind of information write to

- You need a down payment?

A deposit of 40% is required to confirm the service.

- How long will it last?

The basis of the service is 10 hours but I can go from a minimum of 6 hours to a maximum of 12, depending on the event.
We can customize the service according to any particular request.

- How many operators will be present at the wedding?

The number of operators will change according to the choice of package, minimum one, maximum 3.

- After how long will we have our video and how long will it last?

The video will be delivered to you after a maximum of 6 months from the date of the event.
The duration may vary depending on the characteristics of your wedding and the package chosen. BASIC details on each package are available in the "Services" section.

- How long after we get the pictures?

The photos will be delivered within 5 months after the wedding maximum 6 in case of many dates in succession.

- Do you work only in Liguria or can you move anywhere?

I can move anywhere, both in Italy and abroad.
For Liguria, Piedmont and Lombardy there are no additional costs, while for other locations there will be an additional cost for travel and accommodation.

- How does content publishing work?

The choice of publication is up to the bride and groom, there will be a clause in the contract to be signed for the use of the images.

- Where can I find the contract?

The contract will be sent by the undersigned once the service has been booked.

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